Sunday, July 13, 2008

Noor Azura Is A Prostitute

Noor Azura Mohd-Yusoff, 22, a Malaysian prostitute in London, is accused of killing Evelyn Xing Xing Xie, 23, a graduate who was working in a karaoke bar.

Noor Azura, known as "Princess" in the trade, was apparently jealous of Evelyn Xing because of her relationship with Nor Azura's Vietnamese boyfriend TrachLon Gian, 26.

The decapitated body of Evelyn Xing was found in a laundry bag in the Thames marina in London, last April without its head and hands. Several week later, her head was found wrapped in a bin bag nearby.

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Read the full story here and here.

Note: In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, most prostitutes work in massage parlors, health centres and spas under the pretext of being masseuse. These places are brothels rather than massage places. If you look under Massage Kuala Lumpur in a commercial tourist directory, you are bound to find these establishments, usually having tacky names like "Blue Butterfly Massage Kuala Lumpur" or "Friendly Lady Massage Kuala Lumpur".

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