Saturday, August 11, 2007

Klang Valley's Top 10 Pick Up Joints

I just met 2 friends of mine yesterday - Both are "real clubbers". I knew them since they were actively clubbing at the Hippodrome in London and Zouk in Singapore in the late 80s and early 90s. Now they are "Uncles" already lah, but they are still actively clubbing - some things never change.

I took the opportunity to casually ask them which are the top pick up joints in the Klang Valley these days. With much debate on which ones to include and which ones to eliminate, here is their top 10 pick up joints in the Klang Valley and commentaries.

Please note that the top 10 listed here are not necessarily in the order of superiority. No. They are all good clubs in their own way. They are listed according to my writing convenience only.

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Beach Club - Located in Jalan P Ramlee KL. Parking around this area is RM10 per entry during weekdays and RM15 during weekends. Beach Club used to be a very hot pick up joint with loads of locals, about 6 years ago. However in recent years it has become popular with Phillipina hookers and Caucasian expats. It is also a very popular tourist attraction. So guys, if you fail elsewhere, beach club will not fail you. The hookers charge between Rm100 -RM500 per night depending on your bargaining power, and how "in demand" they are that night. Basically, as night progresses, the prices get lower. The crowd is generally older; 30+ to 40+ years old.

Thai Club - Located just opposite the Beach Club. Apparently popular with the working class Chinese crowd. You can see Chinese pimps dancing with their girls, encouraging clubbers to join in. Desperate measures of soliciting for clients, I would think. The hookers here are from China, apparently. My friends also say that most local, regular girls go there in groups - with guys - presumably so the guys can buy them drinks. The crowd is generally about 20+ to 30+ years old.

Aloha - Located a walking distance from Thai Club and Beach club. A relatively new club. Apparently it shares the same owner with the Beach Club. A good place to pick up executives and students. The crowd is generally about 20+ to 30+ years old.

Poppy Bar - Located a walking distance from Beach Club and Thai Club. Popular with local college students and fresh graduates. The girls also go there in groups - with guys - so they dont have to pay for the drinks. Guys are such suckers. Most of the clubbers are young Chinese middle class college students. Most patrons are between the ages of 18 and late 20s.

Rum Jungle - Located opposite Poppy Bar. Apparently it shares the same owner with the Beach Club and Aloha. This place is popular with the Malay middle class and African "expats" (being politically correct). You can meet Malay GROs there if you go in after 12pm on weekdays . The Malay GRO go there after work or during their off days. This place is also popular with Caucasian tourists as well. The age range of patrons here are between 20+ to 30+.

Zouk Club and Velvet Underground - Located in Jalan Ampang KL. Popular with local college students. As usual, the girls also go there in groups - with guys - so they dont have to pay for the drinks. There are middle class Chinese groups and Malay groups. Typical clubbers here are between the ages of 18 and late 20s.

Zeta Bar -
Located in Hilton Kuala Lumpur. This is one of the more recent nightspots to open in KL. It is apparently modelled after its namesake in London and Sydney. This place is pretty upmarket. Frequented by Caucation expats, top local executives, businessmen, members of the Malaysian royalty, and occationally "Princesses from Chow Kit". The age group of patrons here are typically between the ages of 30 to 50.

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Bar Flam (Sunway) - Located in Bandar Sunway. This club is popular with the Chinese middle class executives and local college students. Most people go there in groups; again the guys have to pay - or rather the guys volunteer to pay. You can also find some "Ah Peks" there but not many. The typical age group for this bar is between 18 and late 30s.

Waikiki Bar - Located near Kelab Shabas in Petaling Jaya. This is also an old faithful - more than 15 years old. It used to open until wee hours in the morning; but due to constrains by the authorities, it now shuts at 3am, just like everywhere else. Most of the patrons are Indian executives and Indian wanna be executives (working class) - "Hello Macha". Most customers are regulars. The Chinese girls who come here are those who have preference for Indian guys. The Indian girls come here to look for boyfriends and husbands. you can also meet some airline stewardesses - but these are not much of a big deal these days. The music is great anyway. The age group of customers here are between the ages of 30 to 50.

RP Entertainment Centre - This is located at Hyatt Regency Saujana, Subang. This place was hot about 6 years ago. Popular with middle class Chinese and Malay executives, and businessmen. Airline stewardesses and Malay working class girls hang out here looking for sugar daddies. The age group of patrons here are between the ages of 30 to mid 50s.

So guys, there you go - the top 10. For the shy guys, head for these places, check out the scene, enjoy yourselves and keep us updated. For the "Buayas" and experts out there, please recommend to us the good new places you've been so the other readers can enjoy Klang Valley's vibrant nightlife as well.

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Please post your comments.



Wei Jin said...

Have any of you been to Rum Jungle ? fucking so many blacks there. They simply come and kacau when you are trying to chat up a girl.

Raj said...

Have you been to karma in hartamas ? That is a cool place. Go on weekends.

TTG said...

Planet Hollywood ? a lot of Malay bohsia. Sometimes can get lucky.

shirley w said...

Nice blog! I like your article on Peter Drucker. Im in here everyday, since my friend gave me the link. I was told you update often.

Desmond on August 10, 2007 at 4:11 PM said...

Hmm..u need some input in Sarawak scene? Hehehe...thanks for the info. The last time i went to Zuok was lat month but that was just standing outside coz everyone seems to be classy...i wuz under dressed :)

Anonymous said...

If you haven't know it yet, the whole stretch of clubs along Jalan P. Ramlee are owned by the same company, in other word the same main man.


The Malaysian Life on August 10, 2007 at 11:50 PM said...

As for as I know he partially owns a few clubs along that stretch, 2 other clubs in Sunway and 1 club in Bangsar. The King of Clubs ? Just like Peter Stringfellow in London. :)

The Malaysian Life on August 10, 2007 at 11:52 PM said...

Hi Desmond, imput on the Sarawak scene would be very good. Actually input on the club scene from the whole Malaysia would be fantastic. After all, this is about the Malaysian Life :)

jaime on August 11, 2007 at 12:29 AM said...

why your article only talk about pick up girl. All the guys go there all face like f@ck. dont think all girl want free drink..

Anonymous said...

jaime: well yeah? The fact is that a lot of girls are cheap and sneaky that way. Only want guys to pay for drinks. Several girls told me themselves. Several bloggers also admitted this. But if you pay for your own drinks, then respect to you. Otherwise, don't be a hypocrite.


you guys just want to have free sex. Bunch of %$&@ suckers ! Buying bottles of drink to get girls drunk. Losers.

Anonymous said...

there is this place in subang tai pan 2 called pussy cat pub. Wow fantastic.

Aphroditee said...

I think Waikiki is more like a community club.I've only been there once, seems that everyone knows everyone there, so, I guess you would definitely feel out of place if you don't know anyone. Try the heritage row. I heard that there is a wide selection of "magazine-like" entertainment there.

NiteCruzer said...

Last nite I went to Aloha and managed to pick up a girl. Hahaha. Lucky lah. I went alone. Just bought her 1 corona. Later supper at petaling street famous chicken rice. Just to update you all.

james yo' mate on August 12, 2007 at 6:02 PM said...

it all depends on the person. if you are leng chai or rich your chances of picking up is higher. sometimes it is whether you are good at talking. sometimes it is also luck. also depends on what kind of girl you prefer. also from my experience most girls here expect free drinks from guys or ladies nite drink. unless the girl is rich and study overseas before than maybe she is different.

Anonymous said...

In beach club the girls pick you up lah. but that areas so many fights. few weeks ago I saw one gang fighting with another across the road near shangri-la.

Anonymous said...

better go to papaya farm...give some tips can get to picit -picit ...hahaha. cheap trills ma.

Anonymous said...

Wei Jin
Please do not spoil a good blog with your narrow-mindedness. You could be yellow, green, white, black....choose your colour if you may, but in your veins and caps, runs only red blood sucker.

goldfish on January 26, 2010 at 3:50 PM said...

Go to moonstar in puchong. thats the best.

Anonymous said...

save up ur money book air asia or mas fly to Labuan the woman there rae so much difference they went after you.Just sit down in any of the pubs joint someone will come to you, so up to you to accept or to reject her, you hold the card.

Josh said...

Tammy Bar in Jalan Ipoh. Went there 2 years ago. Really good. Mainly locals lah but damn good. Beer also cheap.

albert said...

went to Beach Club last week. got a thai girl. not bad looking. slim. she was was another friend. she said Rm500 per night. thought I was sor hai to pay that much. I told her Rm150. she didnt want. asked for Rm300. I also buat jual mahal. then in half and hour time she came back asked for Rm200. I still stick to Rm150. She said ok. Went back to her hotel in jalan bikit bintang. really worth it..

oks said...

Zeta Bar lots of high class pros. The look like classy women but they are all pros at a price. I managed to pick up a penang girl in a group. they were on holiday from penang. I had to spend some money but finally successful. my friend also brought home her friend.

robert said...

Beach Club, stand at the raised side opposite the long bar. Nice girls usually hang there.

Robert K said...

Waikiki Bar in PJ has shut down. There is a new one in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. Same type of crowd.
Beach Club, Thai Club, Aloha are still alive and kicking.
Zeta Bar is noted for its upmarket prostitutes.
Zouk Club and Velvet Underground mainly attract youngish and yuppy local crowd. Throw some cash and the night is yours.
In Sunway, you can still pick up college students in Bar Flam, Coco Banana and Bar Celona. However, Borneo Rainforest attracts largely East Malaysian crowd...
RP Entertainment Centre at Hyatt Regency Saujana, Subang still attracts the airline, students and the "sugar daddy" crowd.
The expat crowd has moved from Bangsar & Hartamas area to Cangkat Raja Chulan to party.

Wenger said...

Bar Flam is now called Coco Banana. Still a good place to pick up.

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