Sunday, January 17, 2010

Prostitute Causes Man's Death With His Penis And Anus Injured

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Sin Chew Daily reported that a 65 year old Singaporean businessman was brutally killed in Thailand with his penis and anus severely injured. He was allegedly gruesomely killed because he refused to pay a prostitute who was also one of his Thai mistresses. Businessman Teoh Ah Hui's dead body was found in a paddy field at Sriracha, Thailand.

According to the news report, his 29-year-old mistress, who was also working as a prostitute at the Health Recreational Park charges 600 baht (RM60) per night and is married to 2 men whom she supports financially. These 2 men are the suspects believed to have killed the businessman.

Teoh Ah Hui's mistress apparently became jealous and angry with the businessman when she heard that while he refused pay for her services, he had earlier given another one of his mistresses 15,000 baht (RM1,500) to go on holiday.

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