Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bomohs Pactising Voodoo

According to an article in Harian Metro, there are black magicians in Malaysia practicing voodoo (the black art popular in Haiti) as there is a demand for their services.

Whilst we live in a modern society, where science dominates our lives, there are still people in this Malaysia (and I believe also in other 3rd world countries) who believe in these kinds of 'hocus pocus".

A 50 year-old black magician, referred to as Mamat, when interviewed, said that Malaysians are prepared to pay up to RM25,000 to cause harm to their adversaries using voodoo.

Mamat says that he gets two customers per month, on average, for these services. Mamat however admits that the fees is nothing compared to the risks involved. Those seeking to harm others using the black arts expose themselves to risks - of the reverse effects of the black magic. This happens when the victim seeks remedial assistance from a more powerful bomoh.

According to Mamat, despite warning his customers of the risks involved and that these practices are against the teachings of the Qur’an, they are still unperturbed. Mamat claims that he uses two methods of black magic - the Panah Rajuna Kuning (anak jin) and the Ilmu Temprom (jembalang bukit), where the victim will apparently turn into a zombie.

Banana tree trunks, clay or plasticine dolls representing the victims, are used in the ritual where special mantras and certain verses of the Qur’an are recited.

Read the full story here.

Since this post is about voodoo which originates from Haiti, there is an interesting news report that one can buy a 9 year-old sex slave from Haiti for $50 (approximately RM165).

Read more here.

So guys, what do you think ? Does voodoo work ? Do you know of anyone who has been hexed by black magic ? Please post your comments.


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