Friday, September 28, 2007

Don't give me a missed call, dammit !

Aren't you annoyed at some inconsiderate people who give you a "missed call" on your mobile phone and expect you to call them back ?. Another variation of this is the standard text (sms) message that says "please call me". I personally have not received very many missed calls or call me text massages. If I did, I would just ignore them - no call backs from me. Or if I'm feeling sarcastic, I would return their missed call, by giving them missed calls in return, or send them back a standard call me back text. My motto is, if you cannot afford to use a mobile phone, don't. Send an email, instead.

I'm thus not surprised to read the report in Yahoo News that this "missed call" practice is prevalent in 3rd world countries in Africa as well.

Giving a missed call is also called "beeping" or "flashing" in some African countries.

According to the report, there is even a "social protocol" for this practice, namely:
  • Beep richer guys than you
  • Don't beep someone if you intend to ask a him favour
  • Don't beep your girlfriend
In Malaysia I noticed that people who get loads of missed calls are:

  • sales people (call me back, I want to ask you something about your service / product)
  • students (aiyah, no prepaid credit lah !)
  • men with "working class" female friends (the girls will always beep the guys)
  • those with cheapskate "friends"
Have you guys been irritated by being beeped ? Share your comments.


Anonymous said...

hahaha i sometimes also do that. yeah sales people get miss call by customer a lot

The Malaysian Life on October 1, 2007 at 11:56 AM said...

Anonymous - Sales people get missed calls a lot maybe because they need the customers, but the customers don't need them.

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